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Helping women push past external expectations and internal criticism to embrace and act on the fullness of who she is.




By collaborating with women with a variety of backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences, we hope to both represent and capture the diversity and power of the female voice.



Hello! I am an entrepreneur, creative, and a Type A with a wild streak. I am also a proud mom and Nuyorican! In addition to leading the work at Crafting Your Path, I am a coach, consultant, and facilitator through Jacqueline Misla Consulting and am the COO at Curious Fox. I have dedicated my career to helping people and organizations see past current barriers to find more authentic - often out of the box - pathways to success and impact.

What I am currently reading?

Freedom is an Inside Job by Zainab Salbi

What I am currently listening to?


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alexis C. texidor, web designer and content manager

Hey! I'm Alexis, a Brooklyn based web designer and owner of At age 12, I started to learn about websites and how they worked. I started building sites by learning the ins and outs of HTML. I attended FIT with concentrations in graphic design and photography, which allowed me to turn other people's dreams into realities from expanding or starting a business to creating portfolios for artists, or helping others get their thoughts and ideas out to the world.

What I am currently reading?

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

What I am currently listening to?

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

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Taylor Faiella, Content Curation and Community Engagement

Hi! I’m Taylor. I am currently a second-year student at Silberman School of Social work at CUNY Hunter. I am studying Community Organization with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality. My interest to become a social worker is embedded in my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji where I worked in Youth Development. Prior to Peace Corps, I attended SUNY Potsdam where I grew a love for community health. Now I am eager to use these experiences to empower women and learn from each other!

What am I currently reading?

All About Love by Bell Hooks

What am I currently listening to?

Death, Sex and Money

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Hi! I’m Dominique. After 15 years in educational leadership in international schools, coaching teachers and promoting the development of high achieving students, I took a leap and decided to start coaching high performers. This lead me to planning and facilitating group sessions and workshops and entering the world of public speaking. I work with driven and successful individuals and I challenge my clients to slow down and go within to transform and create the next chapter of their personal or professional life.

I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the US and hold a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Change. I am an ICF certified coach and trained as a brain-based coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute.

What I am currently reading?

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Eagan.

What I am currently listening to?

Hidden Brain

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haley hoffman smith, Regular contributor

Hi! I'm Haley Hoffman Smith, a professional speaker, bestselling author, and a recent graduate of Brown University. My book, Her Big Idea, is all about helping women bring their big ideas and visions to life. I've spoken around the United States at places such as Harvard and Microsoft, and I do personal brand strategy on the side - helping women share their authentic voices, purposes, and personality! I also have a line of faux lashes called Her Big Lash

What am I currently reading?

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

What am I currently listening to?

The Mind Your Business Podcast

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CYP Contributors

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Through blogs, facilitated conversations, workshops, and creative contributions, this village of CYP contributors adds depth and richness to our work and impact.

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