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Helping women push past external expectations and internal criticism to embrace and act on the fullness of who she is.




One-On-One Support

We are committed to walking step by step with you on you journey towards creating and living your best life.

coaching options

Individuals can choose to focus their sessions on professional goals, personal goals, or a combination of both within an environment of structure and support.

With a focus on the whole person, there are a variety of coaching options to meet your goals, timeline, lifestyle, vibe, and budget.

For more information on how to customize your coaching experience, take a look at our blog post.

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Personal coaching

If you are seeking a sense of direction, interested in initiating a life change, or recovering from a situation which has prompted a reevaluation of your next steps, we can work together to rediscover what excites you and what is getting in your way of your best life.

In our sessions, we will have the opportunity to work towards developing your personal vision and goals, identifying barriers and techniques to overcome challenges, leveraging your passions to create a plan that fills you up and brings you joy, and building a network of support.

Our conversations and strategies will be as unique as you are. Your coach will listen to you, and will combine a variety of skills and experiences to provide insights and tools that focus on helping you craft and live your best life.

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Whether the professional coaching sessions are provided through your company or you are personally interested in working with a coach to help you advance your professional goals, we will create a customized plan to help you develop your perspective, skills, experience, network, and portfolio. 

In our sessions, we will have the opportunity to work towards developing your leadership skills, impact, and professional brand. Some of our conversations may include how to:

  • move from an individual contributor to a strategic leader

  • communicate with vision and clarity

  • develop a vision, plan, and measurement tools to advance the work

  • improve decision-making through curious intelligence

  • maximize the potential of your teams and direct reports

  • build important relationships within the company and the industry

Tapping into years of expertise in the non-profit, corporate, start-up, and executive worlds, your coach can share insights, tools, and templates to help you excel in your current role, prepare yourself for your next role, and amplify your professional impact. 

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When Jacqueline says “I believe in the best of you”, she means it! She gave me the tools to acknowledge the value within myself. Jacqueline Misla is a dedicated, tireless coach who made herself available to me when I needed to pivot my career path. She not only held my hand, but she held the map, the flashlight, and the trail mix while guiding me through the wilderness of decision-making and self-recognition. To say that Jacqueline is effective is an understatement - she is an inspirational leader with more than enough determination and motivation to go around!

— Cassie B.