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Helping women push past external expectations and internal criticism to embrace and act on the fullness of who she is.


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Why we exist

Think about all of the energy you spend choosing the right clothes, saying the right things (or staying silent), being the right weight, choosing the right partner, finding the right friends, expressing your femininity the right way, and creating the right image of your life.

What would be possible if all of that energy was channeled into pursing your fullest potential? What would be possible if the collective female energy was used to actualize our global potential?

This is our dream.

To free women from the inconsequential nonsense that consumes our energy, rooted in external expectations of who we should be. And to turn that energy into a driving force for personal and global change.


What is the path

1 - We have to choose between should and must.

There is the path that we should take to make others more comfortable, and the path that we must take to live in the fullness of who we are.

2 - We have to change the noise.

External expectations around who we “should be” creates internal fear and doubt which drowns out our desires and our voice, thus holding us back from our potential.

3 - We have to tune in, tune out, and turn up.

The way to find and stay on our path to freedom and fulfillment is to tune in to ourselves and possibility, tune out the external and internal noise, and turn up for other each other.

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how we get there

We are an in person and online platform community for women who are working towards changing the world by changing themselves. Specifically, we help you:

  • Visualize the life that is aligned with your calling. We create and curate content to read, listen to, and to watch, so that you can be surrounded by stories of what is possible and feel empowered to initiate personal change.

  • Build behaviors that move you towards the deepest potential of who you are. We create resources and provide learning opportunities so that you can have the actionable tools that will move you from information to inspiration to implementation.

  • Align yourself with a community of trailblazers. We create in person and online community so that women can build a tribe of change makers who support each other wherever they may be on the journey.



CYP was born from real and raw conversations with women about what they want from their lives, and what is getting in the way.

This work was formed through tears and laughter, pain and joy, individual reflection and collaborative community. Creatively focused on reducing the noise of external expectations and internal criticism, so that we can hear our inner voice and use it to guide us towards transformational impact.


Our Founder: Jacqueline Misla, MSW

Jacqueline is a change strategist, coach, and speaker with over 15 years of experience. Her work centers around helping women transform their transitional moments into opportunities to live more authentically.

After years of working hard to live, behave, dress, and love the way she was expected to, Jacqueline found that she was successful, but not happy. It took two significant moments and years of self-work for her to understand that expectations and fears that were getting in the way of her fullest potential. By leveraging her writing, her art, her network, and years of experience in organizational development, Jacqueline turned her journey into a platform to help all women identify the paths that are meant for them.

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Our Team

It takes a small but mighty group of women to support and empower this large community of women.

Each with her own story and skill set, the women of CYP join forces to provide the content, resources, and community that drives this work.

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